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Substation Protection & Control Design

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We offer full protection and control (P&C) professional engineering services for high and medium voltage electrical substations for power utilities, industrial clients. engineering consultants and contractors. 

We are experienced in all kinds of P&C design work involving new installations, retrofits, protection relay and control system upgrades. We provide P&C design services for all stages of a project including from conceptual through to implementation and closeout. 


Our services include, but not limited to, the following protection and control design deliverables including CAD drafting.

  • Protection and Metering One-lines

  • P&C Panel Layouts

  • Materials Lists

  • AC and DC Protection Schematics

  • Equipment Control DC Schematics

  • Substation Control System Designs, including Block and Overview diagrams, Device Point Lists and Schematics

  • Panel Wiring Diagrams

  • Equipment Wiring Diagrams 

  • Cable Schedules

  • Protection Relay Programming

  • Bill of Materials And Estimate Support 

We provide panel inspection and factory testing services when required. We can offer technical support for construction and commissioning  and record drawing services as required.

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